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NH 48 hiking guide

Hiking the New Hampshire 48

New Hampshire 48 Hikers Guide

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Above you see the list of all 48 New Hampshire 48 peaks coming in at over 4000 feet elevation. It also includes the elevation of each peak, how many miles it is to hike each peak, and how much elevation you gain for each hike. Some people get hung up on how many miles a hike is, but this isn’t always the most important detail. If you go on a 1 mile hike where you gain 2,000 feet elevation, that’s going to be much more difficult than a 5 mile hike where you gain 3,000 feet elevation. Our guide will help you decide which New Hampshire 48 peaks you will tackle first, and help you work toward conquering them all. Peaks like Canon, Hale, and Jackson are great starters because the mileage isn’t too long, and the elevation gain is reasonable as well.

The NH 48 are an incredible group of peaks boasting beautiful summits, peaks, vistas


If you like our guide please feel free to share it! And if you’re serious about hiking the New Hampshire 48, check out our tracker board to help you keep track of which ones you’ve hiked, and which ones you still need to summit. We love peak bagging!

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