SVG Digital File | Pregnancy Tracker Board

  • Sign + 37 pieces. (Weeks 4-40)
  • SVG Digital Cut File For Pregnancy Tracker Board
  • File Download Never Expires
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Half Price!
  • Pictured is 8″ round with 2.5″ x 4″ pieces. These can be adjusted to any size that fits in your machine
    • 1/4″ White Oak with MDF backer
    • Cut at 165 Speed Full Power 3 pass for White Oak on the Pro
    • Cut at 145 Speed Full Power 3 pass for White Oak on the Basic/Plus
    • Wood can be purchased here
    • MDF can be purchased here

$10.00 $5.00

SVG Digital File | Pregnancy Tracker Board

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This Pregnancy Tracker Board makese the perfect gift for anyone who is expecting a child! 37 Pieces are included with the sign so you can update it every week starting at week 4 of pregnancy. Each piece includes the size of the baby, as well as a fun fact about the baby’s progress. It’s a beautiful and exciting way to keep track of the progress of your pregnancy. From pea pod to squash, these pieces cover the entire growth of your baby from 4 weeks to 40. And the facts about each phase of the pregnancy are a lot of fun!

The digital file is easy to download and will be available to you as soon as your purchase is complete! If you own a Glowforge, Mira, Epilog, Dremel, Boss, Thunder, or any other type of laser CNC machine, this is for you. Sometimes it can be hard coming up with product ideas. This is a product that is proven to sell. For anyone looking for a new laser project or product to sell, you won’t be disappointed with this pregnancy tracker board file!

My wife and I work together to run Whake Studios. She is the artist and I’m the guy that takes care of the website and business side of things. We make a great team, and I’m very excited to share her latest creation with you. If you have any questions at all about the file, please feel free to reach out through email or a phone call. We love our work and our customers!


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